Custom Hand Painted Floater Frame for Canvas

A couple weeks ago, I had an opportunity to work with a very talented artist, Ilene Avery. She brought in a piece of her original oil painting to be framed. She was looking for something different and didn’t want the ordinary choices of black, gold, silver or natural colors for her piece.

First of all, I was fascinated by her style, composition and the color combination of this piece. This is a 30″x40″ Oil Painting. She said she saw this view from the second story balcony of the San Francisco Musium of Art and got inspired to paint it.


I suggested that since I do all custom hand painted frames, I can choose the deepest blue color of the painting and try to add it as an accent to the frame and make it unique. The frame will not be black, but a black with deep rich blue shade showing from behind. This comination added a nice border tone to the art. She immediately agreed.

floater canvas frame


A couple of weeks later, after going through three different process of painting, sanding, and staining, she picked up her piece and could not believe how beautiful and complimenting the frame was to the art. I don’t know if she will keep the art for herself or she will sell it, but I know that anyone looking at it will enjoy the quality of work and the artistic touch this custom hand painted frame and a great art forever.

I thank Ilene for trusting me with her art and frame, and look forward to work with her again.

What do you think about this art and frame combination?


How do I frame my photography?

Small photos look great in a simple frame or no frame at all. We can mount your photos onto styrene that can be displayed to offer a shadow layer underneath the photo. For larger photos (16” and up) you will want to choose a thick mat around the photo and dark, solid wood or metal frame. White matting with a black frame is the most popular for photography. For single-mat pieces you will want to choose a non-glare glazing. For double-matted images a non-glare museum-quality glazing is preferred.


You will want to choose a frame and matting that enhances the photo and compliments the matting. Blue Dot Picture Framing specializes in photography presentation and we can help you decide what materials to use.


How do I install my picture frame?

Mounting your frame correctly is very important. Improperly hanging your art can result in a crooked display or worse, the frame can fall and cause injury. For small, lightweight frames you can use a standard nail or a screw with a drywall anchor. You want to position the nail or screw in the top center of your piece. For wide/panoramic displays you will want to mount both ends to the wall rather than just using the center bracket. 


For frames over 15 pounds you may want to drill into a wall stud to be sure it will hold. For larger and heavier frames, we recommend purchasing a wall mount. We call it a “Z-Bar” but there are many names for it. Blue Dot Framing can supply you with the correct materials for hanging your frames.


What type of frame is good for photography?

Traditionally, photographers and galleries prefer to keep frames simple and sleek. White matting with a black frame is used the majority of the time. You can select a nice dark hardwood frame or a stylish black metal frame, either matte or glossy finish. Having a wide border around your photo is not uncommon, in fact proper use of “white space” is very important to consider when framing photographs. 


Framing photos may seem easy, but in fact it is very important to work with your framer to determine the best way to position your photographs within the frame. the goal is to draw the viewer to the center of the photo and to provide a good contrast between the image and the frame.

What is a shadow box?

What is a shadow box?


Shadow boxes are designed for displaying more than just a flat piece of art or photography. They come in all shapes and sizes, and Blue Dot Framing specializes in producing custom-made shadow boxes. These are useful for displaying three-dimensional objects, memorabilia, and items you want to protect over the course of time, like family heirlooms, antique dolls, etc. We can produce a shadow box that is customized for your object. The object is placed inside the shadow box or mounted to the back matting.


A non-reflective, glare-resistant glazing is preferred for shadow boxes. Ask us about our custom jersey displays, guitar cases and other shadow box applications!


How can I frame my favorite sports jersey?

How can I frame my favorite sports jersey?

sports jersey display case

Framing memorabilia takes patience and skill. Items like jerseys, autographed balls and hats are becoming more and more valuable, so it is important to frame these objects properly. It is important to keep them dust-free and protected from sunlight. You will want to choose a wide molding (1.5 inch to 3 inches for jerseys) and a UV-resistant glazing. Blue Dot framing offers specialty jersey displays that have a glare-resistant glazing, polished hinges, and a window lock to keep your memorabilia secure and safe. We can make custom frames for any of your favorite memorabilia items.

Should I use glass or plexi-glass for my frame?

Glass is used less and less frequently, and is really only useful for smaller frames and photography. There are different types of plexiglass and acrylic glazing that are designed specifically for the presentation and preservation of art and photographs. Plexiglass is lightweight and durable. It is safer to use in a home where there are children, or in a public display. Blue Dot Framing can help you determine which one is best for your project.

How long will my frame last?

A basic wood or metal frame will last over 20 years, but you can choose materials that will preserve your art for many, many years. By going with a museum-quality glazing and acid-free matting, your display can last a lifetime. It is important to keep your art away from direct sunlight and extreme heat, cold or moisture as the elements can destroy your art. Blue Dot Framing takes great pride in offering the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your art is properly framed and kept free from dust, moisture and damaging UV rays.


How do I choose the right color for my frame?

Choosing the right colors for your picture frame can be a daunting task. You have to decide whether you want your framed images to blend in with the surroundings, or stand out as a focal point in the room where it is being displayed. Blue Dot Framing can help you with difficult color decisions, but here are a few friendly tips to get you thinking:


  • A black frame is the “safest” choice for framing photography, small pieces of art, drawings, posters, and printed media.


  • With original art on canvas, like oil paintings, the possibilities are limitless. You can choose an ornate gold frame, a light or dark wood frame, a hand-carved rustic frame, or painted frame designed to match your decor.


  • Watercolor paintings look good framed with natural or stained wood frames.


  • Children’s art looks great framed in pastel colors.



Ask us for advice on choosing the best color for your frames, as it is almost as important as the art itself. Blue Dot Framing can offer you many tips on how to choose the right color for your frames.